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Growth hormone price review

Growth hormone or somatotropin is a popular remedy in bodybuilding and powerlifting for gaining muscle mass, "drying" and improving physical condition. This drug is also used in therapy and surgery to treat diseases that develop due to a lack of natural growth hormone in the body. The diverse range of actions of this bioregulator makes it the most in demand. You can buy it at the pharmacy upon presentation of a prescription. And how much does GR cost in Moscow pharmacies and online stores?

What is the best growth hormone?

Currently, the average price tag for quality growth hormone ranges from 50 to 100 euros. The price depends, first of all, on the manufacturer. The best drugs are produced only under license and at large pharmaceutical factories. They are brought to Russia from Europe, less often from China. The default cost of such drugs cannot be low. Non-certified medicines, the price of which is much lower - up to 30 euros, cannot be called safe and effective.

Further, it is important to take into account and by what technology growth hormone is synthesized. As a rule, a typical or "classic" chain contains 190-200 amino acids, which is similar in formula to the hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. Due to the complexity of the production of such drugs, the price for them increases. On average, these "equivalents" to natural growth hormone cost 60-80 euros. If you buy growth hormone containing fewer amino acids, it will be cheaper, but together with it you will have to purchase other anabolic steroids, which will significantly increase your costs.

And, of course, when comparing prices, you should pay attention to the form of release. Powdered injectables are more expensive but more effective than tablets or capsules. They begin to act immediately in the area where the injection was made.

How to distinguish a fake from a quality supplement?

In pursuit of customers, many pharmaceutical laboratories operating in China create so-called counterfeits. They do not differ from the originals in the form of release, but there may be changes in the formula of the amino acid chain, which cannot guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the drug. It should be noted right away that a good growth hormone at retail cannot cost less than 80-90 euros (price including transportation, packaging, delivery of goods to the territory of Russia).

But how can you tell a good product from a fake?

  • The main active ingredient is somatropin. Its concentration in the finished product should be maximum - from 98% and above. Indicators must be reflected both on the ampoule and on the packaging.
  • There should be no proteins related to somatropin in the composition.
  • Ampoules must be tightly sealed, without traces of opening the rubber caps.
  • The packaging of high-quality GR must contain an individual number, the relevance and reliability of which can be checked on the manufacturer's website.

And, of course, don't forget about expiration dates. A drug that can be used for injections cannot be sold at discounts of 20 percent or more.

Minimum and maximum prices for growth hormone

When reviewing the prices of growth hormone, it is worth mentioning once again that the cost of a substance created in a laboratory is approximately equal to 50-60 euros. At this price, the manufacturer does not sell somatropin. There are margins in the form of payment for packaging and transportation, as well as commissions for wholesalers and retailers. With delivery, the cost of the drug increases by 20-30%. This is the minimum price tag.

The highest price for growth hormone is around 250-270 euros. Such a preparation will be distinguished by high purity, absence of impurities and speed of action. Reviews on it are usually only positive. There are practically no side effects.

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