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Jintropin cost

Jintropin is the most popular drug in its category. It is an effective and safe tool that allows athletes to progress quickly. However, the price for Jintropin is quite high. You should figure out what is the reason for this.

Features and effects

This drug is a recombinant growth hormone. It is successfully used in medicine and sports. At first, the drug was produced in the form of a powder, but in 2005 the production of liquid growth hormone was mastered. Growth hormone belongs to the group of peptide hormones. Simply put, its molecule is composed of amines. In GR, their number is 191. It should also be noted that synthetic GR is completely identical to the endogenous substance.

One of the main advantages of this drug is its ability to accelerate the body's recovery. As a result, athletes can exercise more actively, which positively affects the speed of their progress. Also, the positive qualities of Jintropin include:

  • Allows you to increase the number of fibers in muscle tissue and stimulates the process of their hypertrophy.
  • Protein production reactions are accelerated.
  • The aging process slows down.
  • Connective and cartilaginous tissues are strengthened.
  • Significantly accelerates the processes of utilization of adipose tissues.
  • Power parameters and performance are increased.
  • The efficiency of the body's defense mechanisms improves.

These are just some of the positive effects of the drug that are most important for athletes.

Negative effects

Unfortunately, today there are no absolutely safe medications. Jintropin also has a number of negative effects. There are several worth highlighting among them:

  • Tunnel syndrome.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Local allergic reactions at the injection sites.
  • Acromegaly.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Hypertrophy of internal organs.
  • The appearance of a feeling of drowsiness.

All these side effects are manifested mainly in violation of the recommendations for taking the drug. Moreover, all of them can be eliminated with the help of special medications. A well-designed and conducted course is a guarantee of the absence of health problems. Note that GH has been used in sports since the mid-1980s. During all this time, there were no complaints about synthetic growth hormone.

Jintropin price

It makes no sense to deny that the cost of Jintropin is high for many amateur athletes. Unfortunately this is so. However, do not forget that among all the growth hormone preparations, it is Jintropin that has the maximum degree of purity. This makes it the safest.

This drug is produced by the Chinese pharmaceutical concern Gene Science Pharmaceuticals. This is one of the most famous manufacturers not only in the Middle Kingdom, but all over the world. The company has long established itself in the market and produces high quality products. Its management invests heavily in research and modernization of production facilities. At the same time, it remains commercial and must profit from its activities.

In addition, Jintropin is a medicinal product officially registered in Russia. This suggests that he passed all the checks in the relevant organizations of the Russian Federation. Also, the price of any product includes shipping costs and customs duties.

The total price for Jintropin is formed from these components. Of course, athletes have the right to purchase cheaper drugs based on synthetic growth hormone. There are a lot of them on the market today. However, there will be no complete confidence in their quality. It is quite obvious that only a high-quality drug can be considered as effective and safe as possible.

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